​November 23, 2012: Jordan Davis Is Murdered

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At a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida, Jordan Russell Davis, a 17-year-old high school student, was murdered over loud music by Michael David Dunn, a 45-year-old software developer from Brevard County who was visiting the city for a wedding.

The incident began when Dunn allegedly confronted Davis and his companions because he found the music, Lil Reese, that was being played in the vehicle in which Davis was a passenger objectionable.

A verbal argument ensued.

According to Dunn’s testimony, Davis threatened to kill him, then opened his car door and pointed what appeared to be a shotgun at him.

Investigators later searched the SUV and found no weapons.

Dunn’s attorney claimed that detectives did not search the area for a weapon for several days after the shooting. Davis’ friends testified that he could not have opened his door because the child lock was set.

Contrary to Dunn’s claim that he mentioned the shotgun to her several times, Rhonda Rouer, Dunn’s girlfriend who was there that night, testified that he never mentioned a gun either that night or the next day.

Dunn, who had a concealed weapons permit, took a handgun out of his glove compartment and started firing at Davis’ door, hitting him in the legs, lungs, and aorta (the main artery of the body, supplying oxygenated blood to the circulatory system). As the SUV backed up to evade his gunshots, Dunn opened his own door and continued firing at the car, later testifying that he still feared for his safety as well as that of Rouer, who was to return to the vehicle imminently.

CONVICTION: In closing arguments at the first trial, the defense lawyer for Michael Dunn cited the language of Florida’s stand-your-ground law. The jury was unable to return a unanimous verdict on a charge of first-degree murder for the fatal shooting of Jordan Davis, the judge declared a mistrial on that count.

Dunn was convicted, however, on 3 counts of attempted second-degree murder for firing at 3 other teenagers who were with Davis and one count of firing into a vehicle. The 3 other teenagers were not shot.

Read about the sentence Dunn received and the aftermath at: Daily Black History Facts


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    Does anybody actually read these laws?
    It states you basically have the right to protect yourself with a fire arm…what it doesn’t say is you can be a bully and hunt a person down for the some purpose as o shoot them and if u do u aren’t to shoot to kill wound or to earn but not kill from the jump…..too many people in educated smh
    This mn needs to be hit with first degree murder he started the confrontatation ..but if the show was on the other foot. .young boi wouldve been charged with such…just like the melanated lady who life was being threatened she did shoot and now is doing 10 yrs for attempt..marinate in that for a minute…

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    This is worth listening to! It’s a podcast about the film: 3 ½ Minutes,10 Bullets (2015) -the 2012 shooting of Jordan Davis, trial & media coverage, racism, gun legislation, ‘stand your ground’ law in Florida and the public reaction following the event.

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