​October 3, 1935: Ethiopia Is Invaded By Italy

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Ethiopia, one of the only two independent African nations at the time, was invaded on October 3, 1935 by Italy under Mussolini. The Italians, seeking revenge for their prior humiliating loss to Ethiopia over 40 years earlier, committed countless atrocities on the independent African state.

Poisonous gas, aerial bombardment, flame throwers and concentration camps were all employed against the ill equipped Ethiopian people. Black outrage throughout the world was unified.

The League of Nations, forerunner to the UN, was criticized sharply for supplying weapons to Italy and not to Ethiopia. Such actions confirmed Black suspicion that the war was of racial motivation and sought to extinguish the last light of African power in the world. 

?From Kingston to Johannesburg, from Detroit to Ghana, from Port-of-Spain to Paris, Black men and women offered to go fight in defense of Ethiopia.?


  • Linda Escobedo October 3, 2016 - 5:44 pm Reply

    From the beginning and through out our total existence, people have felt that the rules applied to others. Although we know realistically that to take control of other people,places or things is inherently wrong,we do it. To imagine what atrocities were committed to people sickens even the toughest man. We as a society must put an end to the war and bring peace back. We need to know,talk,and recognize that eventually this type of behavior will influence the children of the world. We have to figure out how to reach the darkest soul and maybe just maybe waken a new beginning. For if we fail to do so,we fail ourselves and the family of the future. So I implore everyone. Peace.

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