​September 12, 1905: John Ware Is Killed In A Horse Accident

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Master horseman John Ware was killed, when his horse tripped in a badger hole crushing him and breaking his neck. He was 60.

Ware’s funeral was reported to be one of the largest held in the early days of Calgary.

John Ware was an African-American and later Black Canadian cowboy, best remembered for his ability to ride and train horses and for bringing the 1st cattle to southern Alberta in 1882, helping to create that province’s important ranching industry.

Ware was born into slavery in South Carolina. After the American Civil War he left the Carolinas for Texas where he learned the skills of a rancher and became a cowboy. Ware’s great stature and dedication to hard work made him a natural and allowed him to work his way up to Canada driving cattle from Texas to Montana and then into the great plains that would eventually become Alberta.

Upon his arrival in Calgary he found work at the Bar U and Quorn ranches before starting his own ranch near the Red Deer river.

Read more about John Ware’s career and legacy at: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=634046960099720&substory_index=0&id=101575520013536

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