5 Things To Know About Slavery Life and The Half-Truths Being Told

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Much of what we hear today about is a myth. The half-truths are being told by those who want to undermine and downplay what really happened in America’s past. The truth is no one really knows everything that happened during the many years of slavery.  The way to start getting to the truth is by debunking some myths and learning true facts.

1.  people were the first to own slaves. Truth is Anthony Johnson, the black ex-indentured servant, did sue to keep John Casor in his possession for the rest of his life. However, no one really knows the circumstances behind why Anthony Johnson  wanted John Casor as his slave.  We can say that the first slave owned by Johnson was not enslaved because he was black. However, that cannot be said about the thousands of black African slaves captured for the Atlantic Slave Trade. Many black people during Johnson’s time purchased family members as a way to keep family together and some blacks together.

2.  Slaves lived better than poor people working in factories. Truth is many people endured rough and difficult times as labor workers, but it hardly compared to being an enslaved African. Slaves could not leave plantations and visit other areas of a state freely. Not only that, they didn’t receive balanced meals, wages or an adequate place to sleep. There is no need to mention how Africans were lynched and beaten with whips. No, slaves did not live better than poor people working in.

3.  Black people fought for the Confederacy. Truth is despite what many people think blacks did not fight for the Confederacy. These black people most likely served as cooks, cleaners, and errand runners for the white confederate soldiers. There is “NO” evidence that shows a black person ever fought beside white soldiers under the Confederate flag.

4.  People in the North benefited from slavery. Truth is yes, the North did benefit from slavery. Slavery was based in the South, however, it was important to the economy and industrial interests in the North. The hard work of the slaves in the south put food on tables and clothes on people.

5.  Few white southerners owned slaves. The 1860 census, taken before the Civil War showed that over 30 percent of the soon-to-be Confederate states owned slaves. However, the numbers varied from state to state. Slavery was a way of the south; the more slaves you own the wealthier you were and respected by other southerners. Most white people living in the south feared not being able to own slaves. However, most of the people who owned slaves were farmers as opposed to planters.


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