Anti-Slavery Society Almanac, Informed People of the North About the Cruelty in The South

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Many African-Americans who were born or lived in the North had no idea of the horrors that were taking place in the South. For most of them they had never even heard of the horrors and had families who shielded them as a child from the stories being told by some people who found freedom in the North. Even those who had heard the stories didn’t know to what extent the cruelty existed.

So, a major means of getting images out about what was going on was through the Almanacs such as the American Anti- Society Almanacs. These almanacs began publishing around 1836 and were published each year. The publications focused on the horrors of slaver in the South, sufferings of free people and abolitionists. However, the publication would also include poems, contests and different types of essays. The purpose of the almanacs were intended to instruct, persuade and horrify readers about the evils of the American slave system and discrimination against people of color.

A popular writer for the was Lydia Maria Childs. She was recruited to the abolitionist cause by William Lloyd Garrison. In 1833, Child’s produced An Appeal in Favor of that Class of Americans Called Africans, a sensational anti-slavery publication that won converts to the movement. From 1841 to 1849, she edited the New York-based National Anti-Slavery Standard newspaper.

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