August 18: Today in 1963, James Meredith Became the University of Mississippi in Oxford’s First Black Graduate

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Photo credits: Bettmann / Getty Images

On Aug. 18, 1963, James Meredith (pictured) became the first African-American student to graduate from the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

He was the first Black person to attend the university. After being barred on several occasions because of his race, Meredith was formally admitted into the university in October 1962 as a transfer student from Jackson State College (presently Jackson State University), an HBCU.

However, his entrance was met with intense rioting on the college campus, and two people died in the clashes. U.S. Marshalls were deployed to the school to keep the peace. Despite facing adversity, Meredith continued on with his studies, graduating with a degree in political science.

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