Black To The Future: First African-American Sisters to Own Wine Company Launch in DC

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Andrea and Robin McBride, who are the first African-American sisters to own their own wine company, launched Truvee Wines at The Manor (1327 Connecticut Avenue NW) in the Nation’s Capitol.

The sisters have an interesting to story to say the least. In fact, the two didn’t even know each other until 1999 when Andrea was 16 and Robin was 25. The two, who share the same father, lived on opposite ends of the world, with the former in New Zealand and the latter in Monterey, California. It was their father’s dying wish for the two to meet. Still, they both grew up around vineyards and decided to start a wine company to firm their bond. They named the company “Truvée,” a twist for the French word, trouver, which means “to find.”


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  • Robin September 8, 2016 - 12:52 am

    Technically, the Brown sisters of Brown Estates in Napa came before the McBride sisters. The Browns have been making wine for almost 20 years.