BlackThen True Crime: The Cockerham Bribery Conspiracy

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The suspicious 2006 death of Major Gloria D. Davis was one of three Army deaths linked to the Cockerham Bribery Case. It is the conditions of her death and the timing to have many familiar with the case scratching their heads over a decade later.



The conspiracy took root before the Iraq War and involved U.S. Amy contracting officers stationed in both Iraq and Kuwait. Their main job was to back up the Army during operations in the region. The Army agreed to resources such as food, water, and necessities. As 2007 rolled around, it was revealed that the U.S. Army had paid around $30 billion on support contracts. As a result, the Criminal Investigation Command launched a probe.

The  CID revealed rampant corruption and bribery involving a number of officers and family members. At the core of the conspiracy was a Major John L. Cockerham. The nature of these bribes included more water and around $15 million for directing contracts to more favorable companies. These companies were located throughout Saudi Arabia, India, Kuwait and the U.S.



Davis was college educated with a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma. The Missouri native was heavily involved in the community, attempting to get disadvantaged youth into ROTC and taking care of her family however she could.

That’s why it was surprising that she was involved in the plot. In December 2006, CID agents investigated the major after finding $225,000 in offshore accounts in her name. The investigation revealed that the money was bribes paid by Lee Dynamics International, an American-operated, Kuwait-based contractor.

Roughly two weeks after sending a DVD of herself reading children’s books for her granddaughter, she was found dead. It was stated that she had admitted to the bribes and killed herself. While the investigation could’ve stopped there, things become murky when its revealed that two other soldiers would be reported as suicides in relation to the case.


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