Do You Remember “That’s My Mama”? The Show Aired Briefly in the Mid-1970s

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Here is a throwback from the mid-1970s “That’s My Mama!” If you do not remember the show it might be for good reason, the show never scored high enough in the Nielson ratings and therefore it was cancelled after only 39 episodes. The show was never in the top 30s, but nonetheless it was another show that was created and aired on television.


The show was set in a middle-class Black neighborhood in Washington, D.C and revolved around characters Clifton Curtis, played by Clifton Davis, who was in his mid-20s and worked as a barber at Oscar’s Barber Shop. Curtis enjoys living the bachelor life but his “Mama” played by Theresa Merritt, has other plans for him. Curtis has two best friends—Earl, played by Teddy Wilson, and Junior, a mailman played by Ted Lange, who is a suave ladies man. Other characters included Tracy, Clifton’s little sister, played by Lynne Moody ,and her husband, Leonard, played by Lisle Wilson, as well as local seniors Josh and Wildcat, played by DeForest Covan and Jester Hairston.

One of the catchphrases often used on the show by Junior was “Woooo, WHEE!! Igot it, I got it, and I got to report it!” He used it when he had some gossip that he was burning to tell Clifton.



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