First “Negro Boy Scout Troop” Formed in Elizabeth City, North Carolina

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The first “” troop was started in 1911 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. However, the group immediately ran into problems with people opposing the group getting together. But, that did not stop the group, they continued to meet and little boys continued to join across the state. In 1916, the first official “Boy Scout Council-promoted Negro Troop 75” began in Louisville, KY. The following year 4 other Negro Boy Scout Troops were organized and meeting.


By 1926, there were as many as 240 all-black troops with close to 5,000 black scouts. There was only one troop in the entire South that was refusing to accept Black members. After the Civil Rights Act many troops, slowly, began to integrate throughout the country, even in the South. There are some troops today that still remain with all black troops. After integration, many segregated black organizations, especially churches, remained segregated, not by law but by choice. Black boys were proud to be a part of the Scouts. It gave many of them hope that they would be viewed upon as equal to their white counterparts. For the first time in many of the young boy’s life, they felt as if they were finally a part of something positive for the African-American race. Many troops in North Carolina and throughout the south were well into the process of desegregation by 1974.



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    The first black Boy Scout troop in Orange, VA and its effect at the end of segregation. Read it here..

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