How Do Mormons Really Feel About African-Americans? Is Having Dark-Skin Still a Curse?

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Here are some interesting facts about missionaries and Black skin. Most people would assume that who come knocking on your door want to just talk to you about Jesus Christ and the many blessings for all believers. But, did you know that Mormons have a deep dark racist past that they just cannot erase. For nearly 150 years, the Mormon Church has taught their followers that ALL blacks were cursed. So, Black Mormon males could not hold high positions in the LDS Priesthood because of the color of their skin. If the Black Mormon could never hold this position, then he would not be able to enter into the Mormon Temple. It is found that this doctrine only exist in the LDS

So, why do Mormons believe that Black skinned people are cursed? Mormons teach that when the “council of the Gods” were planning how to redeem mankind, Jesus desired to save man by giving them their free choice, but Lucifer objected and wanted to force men to serve God. According to Christian Defense this is exactly what happened, “when the plan of salvation presented, and when the need for a Redeemer was explained, Satan offered to come into the world as the Son of God and be the Redeemer. “Behold here am I, send me,” he said. Read more.


But then, as always, he was in opposition to the full plan of the Father, and so he sought to amend and change the terms of salvation; he sought to deny men their agency and to dethrone God. Therefore, the Gods rejected Lucifer’s plan, which resulted in a war between the good spirit children, and the spirit children that sided with Lucifer, which were a third of them. But there was a group of spirits that were less valiant in this war. God was very displeased with these people and turned their skin black.

Fast forward to the year of 1978, because of this racist teaching, the LDS Church was under enormous political pressure. Hence, June 8, 1978, LDS President, Spencer W. Kimball, after spending many hours in the “Upper Room” of the LDS Temple, claimed that God had removed the curse. All worthy black men could now receive the Priesthood.


This, was a major doctrinal change. Mormons will usually argue: “But it was said that eventually the curse would be removed.” However, this assertion cannot be found before 1978. Therefore, we will again, appeal to the official teachings of the LDS General Authorities. What the LDS General Authorities did teach was that the curse would not be removed in this life. Read more





  • Carol October 3, 2017 - 1:32 am Reply

    This is nothing but biblical propaganda ‼️GOD created all of his people equal and loves all unconditionally! End of story‼️

    • JerichoCobb October 3, 2017 - 1:19 pm Reply

      Racist bullshit, I’m black we are the chosen ppl!!

  • Enoch Mubarak October 3, 2017 - 6:24 am Reply

    The post reads: …..”Is having dark skin …..”still”…. a curse ….. when was having dark skin ever a curse?

    • Janet Joinet October 5, 2017 - 1:08 am Reply

      Well according to the morons…see what i did there?..until1978.

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