Madge Dorita Walters-Sinclair: Irreplaceable and Pioneering Actress of Her Time

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Pioneer actress Madge Dorita Walters-Sinclair was one of the most outstanding performers of her time. She was best known for her roles in “Cornbread,” “Coming to America”, and the ABC TV miniseries “Roots.” Her presence was often felt when she appeared on any role on television screen.

Walters-Sinclair was born in Kingston, Jamaica, to Herbert and Jemima Walters on April 28, 1938. After finishing school, she became a teacher and taught for a while in Jamaica. However, she later left to pursue a career in acting in 1968.

In 1988, Sinclair played Queen Aoleon alongside James Earl Jones’ King Jaffe Joffer in the Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America,” which reunited her on screen with her “Roots” husband and co-star John Amos. Walters-Sinclair also later teamed up with James Earl Jones in the blockbuster Disney animated film “The Lion King,” in which she played Simba’s mother, Sarabi. She also appeared in several other roles throughout her career.

She received five nominations for the Emmy Awards, and won for her work in the critically acclaimed “Gabriel’s Fire,” which ran on ABC from 1990 to 1992. She played the owner of a cafe frequented by the title character, a former convict played by James Earl Jones.

Walters-Sinclair died in 1995 and her ashes were returned to hometown in Jamaica.


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