One Potato, Two Potato: First Movie Made with an Interracial Couple

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The first interracial marriage movie ever made was called “One Potato, Two Potato”. It aired in 1964 in Black-and-White, and was directed by Larry Peerce. The stars of the show were Barbara Barrie and Bernie Hamilton.


The plot of the movie: “Julie Cullen a white young single woman meets a Frank Richards, who is black, and they start a friendship which later turns into something more. Their relationship is strained by the racial prejudices of many around them, including Frank’s parents, William and Martha, who oppose the pairing. But ultimately Frank and Julie decide to persevere through such difficulties. They marry, and Julie and Ellen move in with Frank and his parents. Ellen’s arrival immediately softens Martha’s heart, but William remains cool toward Julie, steadfast in his belief that Frank and Julie’s marriage is a foolish endeavor. His attitude only changes when Frank and Julie have a son together. When William first holds his new grandson, he loses any remaining animosity and the household becomes a happy one for all.” (more)


Julie’s ex-husband eventually wants to come back in her and their daughter’s life. Once he find out Julie has married into a Black family he fights to take his daughter with him. The judge ultimately ruled to have the little girl go and live with her White father because he believed that it would be best for her in the long run. Julie’s ex-husband packs the little girl and takes her to live him with. Of course, the little girl did not want to leave the only family she had known behind, she cried and thought she had been bad and that is why she had to leave her family and baby brother behind.  The movie was shot in Northeastern Ohio in the city of Painesville.


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