The Return of Sgt. George Jordan: The Carrizo Canyon Battle

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After his success at Tularosa, Sgt. George Jordan would continue his involvement in the Apache Wars with the Battle of Carrizo Canyon. Taking place in New Mexico Territory on August 12, 1881, the only commander known to participate by name is Jordan. The sizes of the forces weren’t specified outside of Jordan’s nineteen Buffalo Soldiers.



The conflict began as the 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers were making their way through Carrizo Canyon. As was the case throughout most of the Apache Wars, they had the land disadvantage and were exposed to Apache. Sgt. George Jordan headed up the right flank of the U.S military in the battle.

First of all, this battle was very different from the Battle of Tularosa. It wasn’t fought in a town but instead the close confines of a canyon where advantage can only go two ways: you have it or you don’t. The Apache had the advantage with the troops being on the canyon floor. They also had the larger numbers. The U.S forces managed to hold their position before forcing the Apache to retreat after casualties and injured troops. The casualties suffered by U.S. forces were never disclosed.

As a result of another battle where he led troops in defeating a superior force with larger numbers, Sgt. George Jordan was awarded the Medal of Honor. He was the sixth Black soldier to receive the award during the Indian Wars and the 32nd Black soldier overall.


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