Schooled by Youtube: Black Reconstruction. We Aren’t PROGRESSING. We’re REPEATING!

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At Black Then, we often see videos that make us stop and think. They frequently reveal information that is not broadcast to the masses and great talents that are not shown in mainstream media.

In a video posted on the Great Griot Youtube channel, we learn more about Black Reconstruction. We Aren’t PROGRESSING. We’re REPEATING!

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  • Lessie Pruitt May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    this is my answer to all three questions: 1 NO 2 NO 3 NO.

  • Richard Sumner May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    freedom can never be freedom til we separate from there laws and frim the people themselves.. these people are our down fall back then and are our down fall now… we're repeating history brothers and sisters..

  • igconito xeres May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    Number 1. NO! Number 2. NO, Number 3, Also NO! Freedom is a word used to give one man, an illusion of something, that no man has the right to give. Freedom is only available to those who gain it, without the expressed or implied words of those who feel they have it to give.

  • Cliff Yablonski May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    More like de-evolving.

  • KING SHABAZZ May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    Don't depend on somebody to give you your freedom;you gotta make it happen for yourself.If your enslavement is of great benefit to someone else then he or she will never help you to be liberated.You gotta fight as hard and be as brutal than the one who is trying to keep you in bondage. You might have to spill his blood but better his than yours. #ARevolutionIsBloody

  • English Longbow May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    Blacks have an average IQ of 80 which is classified as retarded. Expecting blacks to achieve in a westernised society is like expecting a chmip to get into college. It's unfair to hold blacks to the same standards as white as blacks simply do not possess the same mental capacity to achieve anything in a "white" civilisation. This is why blacks are more suited to mud huts in africa where cannibalism and eating mud bricks is acceptable and part of every day life. The kindest thing whites can do for blacks is to ship them back to africa with an apology for expecting them to flourish in a civilisation that is simply too advanced for them.

  • Robert Jackson May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    Well done JOB!. HISTORY TELL HIS STORY, order to make changes the editor has to make Corrections

  • L Atlas-Bey May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    No,No,NO!!! There can only be war. In regards to get our freedom back. And we don't want war. We have been turn into a people with our tail between our legs.

  • ntk789 May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    There is no freedom in another man's land. If we want freedom we must have a black nation where we make and implement all laws, until then we will NEVER be free.

  • Be And it was May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    its like a teen beggin their parents to use their car to go down the street……..WALK, RUN, SKIP, BIKE, FLY, ROLL there.

  • Be And it was May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    10:16 gays get their laws, cause they are always fighting.

  • candy girlll May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    so I'm guessing it was deeper than cotton???

  • TBmuch May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    Almost everyone has been deceived, most, myself included, tried to obtain material goods, educated slightly in a system that was inferior to my betterment. The spirit of darkness has always been at the core of humanity division and it is at work at this present time. The kingdom of this present world is Satan and as long as one is in disbelief of this and refuse to seek the Almighty for guidance, they will forever be plagued by the violence, despair, depression and disillusion of a fair and just world.

  • AXIS 666 PROHECY May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am


  • doogcat May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    No No and No we will never be free in this country blacks will be giving substandard
    everything until we die whites are so threaten of blacks until they will invest all they have to keep us back  love you black griot keep up the great awesome teaching

  • Tyson Franklin May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    no x3

  • Jerry Williams May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    We MUST take freedom!!!
    NOT Beg for it!!

  • Terri-Enrique Polez May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    Total economic divestment, and seperation for our own nation is our "Saviour". We must understand and recognize that these wicked white supremacist's will NEVER change; not in this life! The bourgeois class and elites among our people continue to perpetuate the myth of inclusion and assimilation to the detriment of the masses of our people. Come out of this burning house! The vile venemous doctrine of white supremacy shall wax worse until we decide to seperate. Look at the current condition of Amerikkka; and you're literally watching her self implode. INJUSTICE WILL NOT ESCAPE THE MOST HIGH CREATOR, BUT YOU MUST COME OUT OF HER IN THIS CRITICAL HOUR BLACK FAMILY! Peace and Blessings to all the melinated family.

  • Daphne Rodriguez May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    POWERFUL: BLACK Rocostuetio we Anent progressing were repeating ! REPEATING REPEATING REPEATING! The Great Griot! INCREDIBLE! Daphne COTTON Algodon Correct SALUTE GOD BLESS YOU RIGHT SISTER!

  • Kennedy Joseph May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    Black peoples need to know the truth

  • lanite1999 May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    1) No. 2) No. 3) No.

  • IRAMO May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    You can't rely on a system that has always been against you we must separate from it and create our own, it starts with owning our communities having black owned shops and properties so we're not economically dependant on them that's their main tactic for trapping us

  • simone Visions3L7 May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    So happy they are dying off.

  • Jay Jackson May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    I like your videos. Very factual informational and motivationing, while also bring light on a subjects that many people have been unaware of. Are you single? Haha

  • YourBrainChild org May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    The answers to your 3 questions are all No. True freedom is tied to economic sovereignty. Economic sovereignty allows people to have choice. Both freedom and slavery have underpinnings in economics.

  • YourBrainChild org May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    I really appreciate the thoroughness of the information and quality of the production of your videos. What you are doing is extremely valuable and I encourage people to have their children tune in. Great job!

  • xiolana May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    No, no and no

  • Joshua Morris May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    love this channel

  • MyGreatnessInside OfMe198433 May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    They do it today, it is call "THE JUST US SYSTEM" for them.

  • Brother Epiphany Speaks May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    Thank you sister for what you do and continue to fight the good fight! I've been a fan for a while now, you are truly beautiful and inspirational!

  • Olive King May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    There will never be equality under white rulership.

  • Ancient one May 6, 2017 - 2:04 am

    And guess what … It's still happening today smh ???