September 29: Happy Birthday to NBA Legend Kevin Durant

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On September 29, 1988, Kevin Wayne Durant was born in Washington, D.C.

Durant’s parents are Wanda Durant and Wayne Pratt. During that time Durant was a baby, his dad deserted the fam. Durant was parented by his mom and grandma, Barbara Davis, once his dad left. By the time Durant turned 13, his dad eventually reappeared.

When Durant started playing on behalf of the teens’ b-ball crew at Prince George’s County, Maryland, labeled the PG Jaguars, his engagement in physical activities commenced. Durant went to various Christianity institutions at a communal district he participated in for high school b-ball. He attended the National Christian Academy at Fort Washington, Maryland in his prime two years.

Durant went to Oak Hill Academy—a privy Baptist preparatory institution at Mouth-of-Wilson, Virginia—in his third year of college. He then moved to Montrose Christian School at Rockville, Maryland in his final annual term. Sports critics acknowledged Durant’s aptitude in physical activity even though he switched institutions numerous times. Durant was nominated for Pride Magazine’s First Team list and USA Today’s First Team All-American record.

In 2006, Durant went to the University of Texas in Austin at an institution he participated in on behalf of the Texas Longhorns male b-ball crew.

Durant began striking an average of 25.8 mark on all matches and 11 ricochets when he was a college freshie with the Longhorns. He assisted in leading the Longhorns in the next game upon the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Basketball Championship. This was when the Longhorns did not win against the University of Southern California. Durant was the communal school competitor and First Team All-American at the end of his first year in college in 2007.

In addition, he became a champion for Oscar Robertson and the Adolph F. Awards as well as being titled as the “Big 12 Tournament’s Most Valuable Player.”

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