The Garden of Angels in Mosier Valley, Texas

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The Garden of Angels is located in Mosier Valley, a small and predominantly black community on the north edge of Arlington, Texas.

During the 1800s the population was mainly freed blacks. Mosier Valley Road is a narrow, bumpy two-lane stretch of asphalt that runs alongside railroad tracks. On one side the road passes along fields cluttered with weeds and debris. The other side of the road, beyond the tracks, is bordered by a huge pit, hundreds of yards wide, lined with mountains of dark earth and large rocks which give the place a forbidding look, and a sign which reads “Earth Movers Inc”.

The Garden of Angels memorializes people who were murdered. On February 15, 1998, Amy Robinson, who was 19, with the mental ability of a 14 yr old, was riding to work on her bicycle. She was kidnapped and killed by her co-workers. Her body was then dumped on the other side of Trinity Blvd, near a tower.  Her grandmother, Carolyn Barker, started the garden with a cross for Amy. Others added crosses for local people and some not so local, all of them murdered until now one corner of the intersection is full of crosses, plus a few bench memorials. A metal fence encloses the crosses, a brick walkway, and a small pond with goldfish.




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