The Tryal Rebellion: The Uprising of Muslim African Slaves in the South Pacific

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The #Tryal Rebellion happened in 1805, and was a slave uprising which took place in the South Pacific off the coast of Chile. During 1803, a group of Muslim African Slaves were purchased by the Spanish in Argentina. There were 72 slaves that survived the walk across the Argentine pampas and the Andes Mountains. These slaves were put on a Slave Spanish Ship called the “The #Tryal.” The ship set out to take the slaves to the north slave market of Ecuador and Peru.

However, while traveling two leaders of the enslaved Muslims, Babo and Mori, planned a successful rebellion on board the ship. The group of slaves took over command of the ship, killing most of the Spanish crew members but holding Captain Benito Cerreno hostage. The freed Africans sailed for 3 months in hopes of returning to Senegal. The vessel’s navigators were not trained but had learned enough Spanish language during their years of captivity and used their knowledge of how to travel by the stars to guide the ship.

In 1805 the ship encountered another ship, the Perserverance, a New England seal hunting vessel which was commanded by Captain Amaso Delano. At first the Africans on The Tryal had convinced the captain of the Perserverance that they were part of the crew on the Tryal. But, the capture captain of the Tryal broke free and jumped onto the Perserverance and explained what had taken place. The crew of the Perserverance rushed on board of the Tryal and killed most of the Africans. The leader Babo, was decapitated and his head impaled on a pike. The rest of the Africans were turned over to Spanish authorities.


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