Trailblazing Actress Nichelle Nichols From ‘Star Trek’ Dead at 89 Years of Age

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By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Bettman Archives/Getty Images

Actress Nichelle Nichols (pictured)  from “Star Trek” passed away on Sunday, as indicated by a statement made on her public Facebook page by her son Kyle. She was 89 years of age.

Nichols was well-known for his performance as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura on the first three seasons of the 1966–1969 television program. In addition, she appeared in all six “Star Trek” movies spanning 1979 through 1991.

Her Hollywood Walk of Fame star, which was awarded to Nichols on January 9, 1992, will receive commemorative flowers on Monday, August 1, at 1 p.m., according to a confirmation from her agents, who were contacted by Fox News Digital for additional statements.

In recent years, Nichols encountered further health-related concerns. In 2015, she experienced a slight stroke. In addition to having dementia, Nichols was reportedly fighting for guardianship. George Takei, who is her Star Trek co-star, shared a photo with his illustrious companion at one of the several fan-centric comic conventions the two of them visited over the years.

She received praise for shattering preconceived notions about Black actors. When she expressed hesitation about carrying on with the TV series, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. personally urged her to press forward. She ran into King at a 1967 civil rights rally when he gave her the advice, which she heeded. Nichols and another series star, William Shatner, who portrayed Capt. James Kirk, appeared in the third season of “Star Trek.”

When they exchanged a kiss on camera, the two created American television history – as such an interracial act of affection had never been portrayed on the small screen before.



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