Tuskegee of the North: The African-American Boarding School That Was Built And Self-Sustain By Students

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By: Jae Jones

Bordentown, New Jersey best known for being home to “Tuskegee of the North” a prestige Historical Black School in the North. The school was modeled after Booker T. Washington’s school, and set on 400 acres. The school was able to self-sustain all on its own. What is probably one of the most interesting facts is, the school was built by students.

There were 30 uniquely designed buildings, and most of the students had a hand in building them all. The school included labs, farm shops, and had a reputation for having and excellent academic curriculum, and was publicly funded by the state of New Jersey. For over 68 years, the school was a cultural utopia for young African Americans. A big supporter of the school was Albert Einstein. In 1955 the school was closed because of its non-compliance of the Brown vs. Board of education segregation; the school could not attract white students. However, this school closed but other schools that could not attract Black students remained open.

Students such as Barbara Wheeler who attended the school back in the 1950’s felt the school was one of the world’s best kept secrets. It is amazing how ex-slaves came together to help build schools such as the Tuskegee of the North. Not enough recognition is given to these schools, nor the people who helped build and educate the students who attended. However, a document released in 2010 told the story of the African-American landmark masterpiece creation. It was a reflection of the life on campus told through the voice of an alumni.



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