Video: A Look At The Harlem Renaissance Through the Arts

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The was a time of cultural restoration for Black people that lasted from the 1920s to the 1940s. African-Americans during this time created for themselves as sense of joy, pride, and identity with creative expressions. Most people looked inward toward their culture to find inspiration for their work as writers, sculptors, musicians and poets. We learn in the video some of the literary work focused on during the time. The attention to the era was greatly shown in the work of Poet and (one of the most influential anthropologist of the Harlem Renaissance) during this time. There are many works of African-Americans during this time the work of art of these individuals of the Harlem Renaissance built the foundation for the Civil Rights Movement by showing the love that Black people had for their culture and its importance to society.  One great work of Hughes during that time was “The Negro Speaks of Rivers.” Watch the video to hear the poem and get a feel of the Harlem Renaissance era.

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