Video: Do The Police Today Remind You of Slave Patrols During the 1700s?

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During there were many African-Americans who fought back against those who were trying to imprison them. These individuals were not going to be enslaved and would do anything possible to break free and run. To prevent this from happening and to prevent from losing money the government in Charleston, South Carolina put laws in place that would help capture slaves. White plantation owners as well as other Whites were offered rewards if they helped capture any runaway slaves. Those who refused to partake were fined.  By 1704 there were Trolls who patrolled the area. If these individuals found that slaves were out past curfews the slaves were brutally beat, branded with hot irons and often had their noses slit, and sometimes killed. By 1722 the slave men were being castrated for running off.  However, by  1732 things were beginning to change the White slave holders were realizing they were outnumbered. There were even uprisings taking place and White owners being murdered and massacres occurring. Watch video

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