Video: The “Harlem Playgirls” The Best Female Jazz Band During The Mid-1930s

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The was an African-American swing band group from the Midwest that played throughout the U.S from the mid-1930s to the early 1940s. The group was organized by a Milwaukee-based drummer and band leader Sylvester Rice. The group actively toured performing in many jazz clubs, ballrooms, theaters and picture houses. The front women with group were Eddie Crump and Baby Briscoe. Briscoe had gained prominence in New Orleans and had worked with Lil Hardin Armstrong’s all-girl band and Joe Robichaux and his Rhythm Boys. Trombonist Lela Julius and saxophonist Vi Burnside were two of the group’s leading soloists. The group appeared at the Apollo Theater in New York in 1937 and competed in the prestigious battle of the bands contest at Chicago’s Savoy ballroom against Johnny Long’s group in 1938.  Take a few minutes to listen to music being made in the mid-1930s to 40s.



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