William Whipper, “The Founding Father of the “Anti-slavery American Moral Reform Society” in 1835

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was born the son of a white Pennsylvania businessman and his servant. At the time of his father’s death William inherited his father’s lumber business. Whipper along with another free black man, Stephen Smith, made the lumber yard one of the most well-known and prominent businesses in the state.  Whipper was born on February 22, 1804, in Drumore Township of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; he was one of four children. At his father’s request he was educated like all of his children with the best education possible.


Whipper, was dedicated to nonviolence and rational persuasion, he was one of the founding fathers of the Antislavery . His ideology regarding antislavery was very different than most people. He believed that White prejudice against Black people came from the condition in which Black people were in—not the color of their skin. So, he wanted black people to improve their status in society. He felt Blacks should improve their mental state, economic, and moral situations. If Black people did this then it would entitle them to receive their freedom. If Blacks conformed to the life of White people it would make them more socially acceptable.

Whipper was an Underground Railroad activist, from 1847 until 1860. He often donated $1,000 a year to help fugitives who were passing through Pennsylvania. In 1835, he attended a convention of the Improvement of Free People of Color. He wanted the word “colored” to be dropped. Delegates agreed and that is when the American Moral Reform Society was founded. The purpose of the reform was to help educate Black people, establish reading literature for the communities and documenting the life of Black Americans. He contributed to various abolitionist papers like the Liberator, the North Star, and the National Antislavery Standard. Although Whipper was not a big player at the conventions, his presence was often felt as a successful Black businessman living well in the White society.





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    Does this man have an exhibit at the African American Museum in Washington DC?

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