Yasuke, First Known Black Japanese Samurai in History

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, is known as the in history. He was one of the “Right Hand Men” of the war lord of 16th century in Japan: Oda Nobunaga. His real name is not known. However, a recent discovery conducted by Discovery of the World’s Mysteries concluded that “Yasuke” was a Makua named Yasufe. (Makua is the largest ethnic group in Mozambique)

It is believed that Yasuke arrived in Japan from Mozambique in 1579 as the servant/slave of the Italian Jesuit Alessandro Valignano. His arrival caused quite a disturbance between the locals as they bumped and stumbled on one another trying to catch a close look at the strange man.

Once word got back to the war lord of the land “Oda Nobunaga” he ordered that Yasuke be brought to his presence immediately.  According to information on Forever Black Infusion, Yasuke looked about 26, 24 or 25 by Western count or 27 years old; his entire body was black like that of an ox. The man was healthy and good-looking. Moreover, his strength was greater than that of 10 men.” Nobunaga was not convinced of Yasuke’s skin color so he ordered that Yasuke be stripped and washed to get the alleged “Black Paint” off his body.


Over the years Nobunaga grew fond of Yasuke and eventually awarded him with the position of a Samurai.  A rare honor for a foreigner not to mention a servant. However things turned sour in Japan. Nobunaga was overthrown by one of his closest Generals Akechi Mitsuhide killing himself in the process [via a Samurai ritual called seppuku]. In the heat of this ‘ancient samurai coup’ Akechi labelled Yasuke as a beast undeserving to be called a true Samurai and had him handed back to the Jesuits. (Daily Beagle)




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