Today In Black History On January 28th

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  • The Free African Society was founded (January 28, 1787), and its role as a multipurpose organization that empowered Blacks in need was established. In 1791, it became an independent black nondenominational church. Leaders that were part of the society include former slaves Richard Allen and Absalom Jones. As these two leaders had strong personalities and beliefs, the church ultimately split into two separate ways: one half for the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, and the other to the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas. Even with the split groups, both carried a strong influence throughout the community.
  • Richmond Barthe was born (January 28, 1901), a sculptor who was ahead of his time. A part of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1930’s, his work went largely unappreciated due to his sexual orientation. Born in the wrong time period, he was a blessed sculptor that put his emotions entirely in his work. Even considering the highly sensual work that he put out on display, wrapped around the controversy was a deep admiration for a man of truly unforgettable talent. Barthe wasn’t fully appreciated until later on in his life when the world had become more accepting of his private affairs.
  • William “Bill” White was born (January 28, 1934, a great outfielder for most of his career in Major League Baseball. He played for the Giants, Cardinals, and the Phillies. After retiring from the league, he gained some experience as the Yankees broadcaster, and then went on to be the National League President. Being in the limelight isn’t wasn’t his thing, and it is all detailed in his book “Uppity.” It’s no surprise that after his tenure as the National League President, he decided to become a lot more private since so many cameras were constantly shoved in his face. White is a two time Golden Glove winner in 1960 and 1966.


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