About Black Then

It’s true what they say… You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Here at Black Then, we are devoted to discovering the truth about Black history. Black Then stresses the importance of being connected to your roots and being stronger and wiser as you learn more about your history. Learning about your past can truly contribute key elements to your future. Here at Black Then, you will be exposed to the several triumphs and tribulations within Black history, as well as the unveiling of truths that have surfaced over the years.

Black history is extremely powerful and as you dive in to learn about every achievement, it will absolutely motivate and empower you. Here at Black Then you will learn about each milestone our ancestors conquered. You will learn the difference between factual information within Black history and the myths that have tried to hinder our progress. Despite several setbacks, we have showcased our triumphs even in the face of opposition.

Violence against the black community is nothing new, but it didn’t stop those who came before us to persevere. Our Black history is beautiful. We have risen regardless of those who tried to keep us down. Here at Black Then you can learn how we fought and how we continue to fight for our voice, our rights, and our freedom.

Within Black history we have had some amazing individuals who have contributed to getting us to where we are today. At Black Then you can educate yourself on the many influential individuals who have paved the way for our future. You can learn more about the first black male that graduated from an American medical school, the first black female doctor in the US, the first black college football player, and many more. We do not take our history for granted. Without these barriers being crossed, we would currently be in an entirely different situation. We take pride in celebrating our culture and our history.

Join us today and everyday to explore our journey through Black history. Here at Black Then you can stay up-to-date on the latest stories within our Black history and culture. Stay informed. Don’t stay out of the loop, unaware about where you come from and how beautiful your history is. Take pride in your Black history and culture and allow yourself to grow, learn, and be a part of history. Our History. Black history!