The Dark Racist Past of Moncks Corner, South Carolina

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Today, Moncks Corner is a quiet little town located in South Carolina, not too far from Charleston. The town was named back in 1728, after landowner, Thomas Monck. Locals are proud of their deep southern roots, charm, and history. There are local stores, gift shops, and eateries where families can enjoy a meal or just a quick bite to eat. However, just like many small towns located in the south, Moncks Corner has a dark past that was anything but charming to African American residents.

In August 1940, a group of white nightriders shot five people returning from a church outing at Eutawville. The churchgoers were traveling by bus and had some mechanical problems. The white bus driver pulled into a filling station at Bonneau and decided to leave the bus in order to secure another one for the passengers. The man left Bonneau at 10:00 pm and returned a little after midnight with another bus.

As the passengers were gathering their belongings and transferring to the other bus, a group of white men pulled up and ordered the blacks to get out of town quick. “We don’t allow no d**n n***ers around here after sundown,” the group was told.

The bus driver and the station operator tried to explain to the men the emergency which had occurred, but the men refused to hear them out. A second car drove up with eight white men with shotguns who opened fire on the churchgoers. Five black people were injured and the rest fled into the nearby woods. When the bus pulled out of the station at 1:00 a.m., there were still many black people who were still missing


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