Flipboard has been used to gather some of the world’s greatest minds together to order to increase awareness, share information, and open our minds to knowledge not often seen throughout mainstream media. In this Flipboard Find by Ewen Callaway, we learn more about What DNA reveals about St Helena’s freed slaves   National Museums Liverpool […]

Ellis O’Neal was an African American civil rights activist and educator who worked tirelessly to improve the conditions for education for minorities. Knox was born on July 6, 1900 in Lakeport California, he was one of five children. His father worked as a Latin teacher. The family moved to Oakland, California where Knox completed his […]

In a video posted on The Black History School, we learn more about While Johnson was preparing America for the Vietnam war, he declared a domestic war on poverty and discrimination. He designed the Great Society legislation that would boost funding for education, urban and rural development and public services. He also appointed the first […]

Much of what we hear today about #slavery is a myth. The half-truths are being told by those who want to undermine and downplay what really happened in America’s past. The truth is no one really knows everything that happened during the many years of slavery.  The way to start getting to the truth is […]

#Hazel Scott was born June 11, 1920 in Port of Spain. At the young age of four she moved with her mother to New York and was soon recognized as being a musical prodigy. Scott began receiving scholarships at the age of eight to study at the Julliard School. By the age of 16-year-old she was performing on the […]

Edward J. Roye was a black businessman and politician. Roye opened the first bathhouse/barbershop in Terre Haute, Indiana. Roye was born on February 2, 2003 in Newark, Ohio. He received his education in Newark schools, but very little else is known about his early childhood. His father sold his property in Newark in 1822 but […]

Not very much is known of his early childhood in New Orleans,but what is known are the achievements he would make in the later years to come. Born to Louis Victor & Alice Saucier Alexis,he was educated in the local schools where he excelled academically. Lucien was determined to attend Harvard University. Not having the finances […]

In December 1892, African American Baptist minister G.P.F Lightfoot, was murdered by a group of African Americans in Jackson County, Arkansas. The group retaliated because Preacher Lightfoot took their money and promised them a nonexistent passage to Liberia. Interest in immigrating to Africa started early in the United States. The Back-to-Africa movement dates back to […]

Bessie Bruington Burke is recognized as the first black principal of a Los Angeles public school. Burke was born in 1891. Her parents arrived in Los Angeles from Kansas in 1877. They settled in North Hollywood where Bessie was born. She graduated from Polytechnic High School in 1911 and attended college at Los Angeles State […]

Carl Thomas Rowan was an American government official, journalist and author. Rowan was born in Ravenscroft, Tennessee on August 11, 1925 to Johnnie, a cook and cleaner, and Thomas Rowan, who stacked lumber. He was raised in McMinnville, Tennessee and was determined receive a quality education. He graduated from Bernard High School in 1942 as class president […]

Beverly Loraine Greene, believed to be the first #African American woman architect in the United States, was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 4, 1915.  She grew up in Chicago and was raised by her father, James A. Greene, a lawyer, and her mother, Vera Greene, a homemaker.  Greene earned a Bachelor of Science degree […]

#Robert Smalls and a crew which was composed of slaves stole a cotton steamer from a dock and gathered family members to steal away. The group slowly navigated their way down the harbor. Smalls disguised as the captain wearing his big wide brim straw hat, used all the correct codes and signals at two Confederate […]

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