An article by the father of black history, Carter G. Woodson about the sacrifices of the Negro washerwoman. The Negroes of this country keenly resent any such thing as the mention of the Plantation Black Mammy, so dear to the hearts of those who believe in the traditions of the Old South. Such a reminder […]

Captain Erwin B. Lawrence, Jr., Operations Officer was reported missing from a strafing mission to the Athens Tatoi Airdome, Greece, on October 4, 1944. Erwin B. Lawrence, Jr., was born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 31, 1919.  He graduated from flight training on July 3, 1942, at Tuskegee Army Air Field in Alabama. After flight training, Lawrence joined […]

The 1960 Greensboro sit-ins are notorious for starting a national movement. However, those sit-ins were not the first. There were several sit-ins happening during that time, but most did not given the nationwide attention as the one in Greensboro. In 1957, a protest in Durham, North Carolina, took place against the Royal Ice Cream Company. […]

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Death Row Records The Lady of Rage (born Robin Yvette Allen) is a hip-hop artist and actress most known for her work on the groundbreaking albums, which were the foundation of the notorious Death Row Records. Her first single (titled “Afro Puffs) was released on July 26, 1994, as a […]

Serial entrepreneur, Shelly Bell, launched Black Girl Ventures (BGV) because she wanted to create place-based initiatives to provide access to capital for Black and Brown women entrepreneurs. Her organization’s mission is to use entrepreneurship support and training as a vehicle for poverty alleviation and wealth building. Black and Brown women founders are underserved, unbanked and […]

Bethlehem Alemu, an Ethiopian entrepreneur and one of Africa’s most successful women, is unstoppable. After founding two very successful global businesses, Alemu has most recently launched Garden of Coffee in hopes of allowing the rest of the world to taste hand-roasted Ethiopian coffee. She is planning to expand to China where she is already set […]

Keith Wilder, the lead singer of the ’70s funk band Heatwave, has died. Wilder’s had several massive hits, including “Always and Forever,” “Boogie Nights” and “The Groove Line.” Wilder had been suffering from serious health problems recently and died in his sleep Sunday, according to his cousin and bandmate, Billy Jones. “Always and Forever” was the […]

Original story found on Patrick and Charlotte “Lottie” Morris lived in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana and were married with a 12-year-old son. On the night of January 12, 1896, a mob of twenty white men gathered around the Morris’ home because, Mr. Morris, a white railroad hand, and his wife, a #black woman, were an […]

Sally Thomas was born enslaved in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1787. At the age of 21 she gave birth to a son, John, and later another son, Henry. Her boys were described as being mulattoes. Sally and her two young sons were taken by their owner to Nashville in 1817 when she was 30 years old. […]

After his capture and arrest on October 30, 1831, Nat Turner was imprisoned in the Southampton County Jail, where he was interviewed by Thomas R. Gray, a Southern physician. Out of that interview came his “Confession.” Convinced that “the great day of judgement was at hand,” and that he “should commence the great work,” Turner […]

By: Jasmine Cochran In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order that essentially started the process of ending slavery in America. The 13th Amendment passed in 1865, sealing the deal and making it illegal to own slaves in America. Black people were beginning to make this country their new home, even […]

Twelve young African-American students walked into history in Clinton, Tennessee, in 1956. They were the first students to desegregate a state-supported high school in the south. Every school day morning, the “Clinton 12” met at Green McAdoo school and walked together down Broad Street from Foley Hill to Clinton High School. The Clinton 12 included Maurice […]

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