Sylvia Robinson was a singer, composer, and record producer who brought rap music out of the New York City clubs and popularized what was a new genre of music by forming the Sugarhill Gang. “Rapper’s Delight” was the group’s first recording, and the record sold more than eight million copies, reached No. 4 on the […]

Born January 1947 in the South Bronx, Parnell “Stacks” Edwards was a former bodyguard, wheelman, and robber who became involved with organized crime in the early 1970s. Prior to his life of crime, he grew up as a lover a music, enjoying rhythm & blues and jazz musicians of the time. He would learn the guitar […]

At Black Then, we frequently see interesting photos that give us a glimpse into the past. They tend to show us a piece of black history that is often not covered in textbooks, in history classes, or shown in the media. In a photo that we found on Black History Album , we see this […]

Ann Maria Weems belonged to Charles Price, a slave trader from Montgomery County in Rockville, Maryland. Weems witnessed her brothers being sold down south as well as her mother and one of her sisters. She knew one day she wanted to be free. Numerous of people offered to purchase Weems’ freedom, but Price refused to […]

Ask A Slave is a satirical web series based on the actress’ time working as a living history character at the popular historic site, George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Starring Azie Dungey as Lizzie Mae and directed by Jordan Black. All questions and interactions are based on true events. Real Questions. Real Comedy. Learn more @ […]

On March 3, 1970 the Lamar Riot in South Carolina took place. It has been described as one of the most violent acts against a court-ordered school desegregation in the state. The violence occured when an angry mob of white parents armed with axe handles, bricks, and chains overturned two school buses that had delivered […]

Lott Cary was one of the first black American missionaries to Africa, and the first American Baptist missionary. He established the colony’s first church, founded schools for natives, and helped lead the colony. Cary was born enslaved in CharlesCity County around 1780. Early details of his life are unknown. n 1804, his owner hired him […]

Born in 1870 to formerly enslaved parents, Abbott attended Hampton Institute in Virginia and then went on to graduate from Kent Law School (now Chicago-Kent College of Law in Illinois) in 1899. In May 1905 he started publishing the Chicago Defender. In the early years he personally sold subscriptions to the paper and advertising by […]

The black woman is expected to be superwoman, with acting like one. – Dr. Willa Player Dr. Willa Beatrice Player was an African-American educator, civil rights activist, and higher education administrator. She became the first black woman to become president of a four-year, fully-accredited liberal arts college when she took the position at Bennett College for […]

John Mitchell was a highly regarded newspaper editor, known as the “fighting editor” during his time. He spent most of his early years working as a servant in the home of a Richmond attorney. After graduating as valedictorian from the Richmond Colored Normal School and teaching in Fredericksburg, Mitchell became editor in 1884 of the […]

Dr. John Lawrence Sullivan Holloman was a renowned physician and activist. Holloman was born in Washington, D.C., in 1919., the son of the Rev. John L.S. Holloman and Rosa V. Jones Holloman. As a young child, Holloman attended the John F. Cook Elementary School and later graduated from Dunbar High School in Washington in 1936. He […]

Reports of an assault by blacks on an elderly white woman were made in early September along the Aiken-Barnwell county line in South Carolina. Although the rumors were later proved unfounded, it was the perfect situation for the campaign mill in 1876, when South Carolina war hero Wade Hampton III and the Democrats were attempting […]

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