Sarah Lois Vaughan was an American jazz singer, described by music critic Scott Yanow as having “one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century.” Nicknamed “Sassy” and “The Divine One,” Sarah Vaughan was a Grammy Award winner. Vaughan was born on March 27, 1924 in Newark, New Jersey, as the only child to […]

Photo credits: Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History The Washington, D.C., home of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass became a dedicated national museum on Aug. 12, 1922. In 1878, Douglass moved into the house, which he named Cedar Hill, with his wife, Anna Murray Douglass. After his death on Feb. 20, 1895, his widow founded […]

Originally found on The Great Griot The Great Griot has a passion in telling the history of black people from all over the globe. By analyzing and explaining our powerful lineage, she aims to uplift and empower through teaching the truth about who we are and where we come from. Source: The Great Griot

The vision of an expanded space for the world famous Motown Museum is closer to fruition with the donation of $500,000 from the Hudson-Webber Foundation, Business Insider reported. “Every time we get another one of these significant lead gifts in the campaign, not only does it encourage us as a team, but also sends a […]

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Essence Ventures LLC, an independent African-American owned company focused on merging content, community and commerce, today announced its acquisition of multi-platform media company Essence Communications Inc. from Time Inc. ESSENCE President Michelle Ebanks will continue at the helm of the company and will also join its board of directors. In addition, the all […]

Nashville’s McKissack and McKissack architectural firm has designed thousands of facilities since the early twentieth century. The first Moses McKissack, of the Ashanti tribe of West Africa, was sold into bondage to William McKissack. As a slave, he learned to be a master builder. In 1822, he married a Cherokee Indian woman named Mirian. Gabriel […]

Photo credits: YouTube/ReelBlack Media Alex Haley, the author of American history classics like Roots and the autobiography of Malcolm X, was born on Aug. 11,1921, in New York. Haley graduated from high school at the early age of 15. In 1939, at the age of 17, Haley quit college and enlisted in the Coast Guard where he later served […]

Photo credits: The Los Angeles Times An arrest made on Aug. 11, 1965, ultimately sparked the Watts riots, one of the most historic race-related riots in the nation’s history. White California Highway Patrolman Lee W. Minikus pulled over and arrested Marquette Frye, a young African-American driver whom he suspected of drunk driving. Triggered by growing tension between the police […]

Lucille Clifton was an American poet, writer, and educator from Buffalo, New York. From 1979 to 1985 she was Poet Laureate of Maryland. Clifton was nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Lucille Clifton (born Thelma Lucille Sayles, in Depew, New York) grew up in Buffalo, New York, and graduated from Fosdick-Masten Park High […]

The Chicago Bee (or Chicago Sunday Bee) was a weekly newspaper created for the purpose of appealing to Black readers as a competitor of the Chicago Defender. Founded by Anthony Overton, he believed that the Defender promoted sensationalism, gimmickry, and the exploitation of fears and prejudices of its readers. The paper was committed to covering authentic […]

A dedicated teacher, Louise A. Reeves Archer a well-known and dedicated educator to the African American community. Archer grew up in North Carolina and attended Livingstone College. She taught school in Southampton County, Virginia, where she married Romulus C. Archer Jr. in 1915. They moved to Washington, D.C., in 1922 and she continued her education, […]

Photo credits: Tony Duffy/Allsport Carl Lewis was an American track-and-field sensation who won 10 Olympic medals, nine of them gold, in a career that spanned from 1979 until his last Olympic Games in 1996. Lewis won 10 World Championship medals, with eight of those being gold. On Aug. 10, 1984, he achieved a record set in […]

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