A Football Player who Made Victory Against Numerous Teams: L.C. Henderson Greenwood

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Photo credit: Bob Cohn

On September 8, 1946, L.C. Henderson Greenwood (pictured) was born in Canton, Mississippi.

Greenwood is the oldest out of nine siblings. His dad—Moses Greenwood—was a manufactory operator and his mom—Eliza—was a housewife. Greenwood went to Rogers High School in Canton. He did not participate in physical activities till eleventh grade. Greenwood exceeded at engaging in football and b-ball.

Greenwood decided to play football over b-ball for well-improved time management because he has obligations to fulfill as the eldest offspring and duties around the house. He was a leading pupil as well. Greenwood was provided a half grant from Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia to become a pharmacist when he was in twelfth grade at Rogers High. Although he was offered a grant from Clark College, he picked a whole financial award from Arkansas AM & N—the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff—to participate in football.

The initial preservative finish was wounded when Greenwood was a college freshie in 1964.

Greenwood was instantly placed in the beginner’s competition in this circumstance. He stayed as a beginner in all his college period at AM & N. Greenwood’s crew conquered the competing highflier Jackson State in his fourth year in college. The triumph was transitioning his vitality in a striking matter.

Art Rooney—an NFL recruiter from Pittsburgh Steelers—was in the booth seeing a crew member of Greenwood even though Greenwood was unaware during the period. Rooney started to concentrate on Greenwood since he has a natural inclination in sports. The Pittsburgh Steelers conscripted Greenwood in 1969.

When Greenwood was in high school and college, he instantly turned into a rookie. He knocked out two lapses within the Steelers’ prime Super Bowl triumph opposing Minnesota. This was during the beginning out of numerous clasp accomplishments at a huge match in 1975. Greenwood trounced Roger Staubach quadruple times for the 21-17 score at the Super Bowl X conquest versus Dallas in the subsequent twelve-month period.

In 1981, Greenwood stayed diligent since his final football game performance. He was a vitality representative of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a representative of the American Federation of Theater and Radio Actors (AFTRA), the Screen Actors Guild, and the American Federation of TV. Once Greenwood pursued his profession in film, he started associating with the recreation alliance. He made a headline in ten nationwide ads such as the Miller Lite Campaign, Haggar Slacks, and various Pittsburgh location TV commercials.

On September 29, 2013, Greenwood passed away out of a renal omission at age 67 in Point Breeze, Pennsylvania.

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