Schooled By Youtube: Western Medical Doctors or “Savage” Traditional Healers…Who do YOU choose?

0 Posted by - December 17, 2023 - LATEST POSTS, Video

Have you ever wondered WHY many of us prefer Western medical doctors …..or better yet, why we feel that our ancestral traditional medicine healers are “unlearned”, “savage”, or “ill equipped”? We’ve been taught that most modern medicine comes out of European societies. The very “father of medicine” was Hippocrates, a greek that laid the foundation for us, right? WRONG.

Let’s RE-learn history Together! See how much our ancestors REALLY knew…….and how we should trust THEIR knowledge on healing our bodies.

The music provided at 7:20 comes from an ACTUAL recording during a Shaman traditional ritual in…

This video was orginally found on youtube channel

The Great Griot.

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