Broadway’s Theatre Renaming Ceremony For James Earl Jones Successfully Debuts

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By Victor Trammell

Photo provided by: Cheryl Duncan & Company Inc./Polk & Company Inc.

Yesterday afternoon (September 12), one of history’s most legendary thespians to ever perform onstage, via television, and in film, was celebrated on Broadway, according to an exclusive statement sent to me courtesy of Alimah Boyd, a rep with the communications team at Cheryl R. Duncan & Company Inc.

During an unforgettable setting that will solidify his illustrious status for infinity, the acting mainstay with an iconic voice was celebrated for good reason. The incomparable James Earl Jones (pictured), known for decades as a lightning rod talent with a thunderous vocal delivery, the 91-year-old EGOT club member can now officially cap off his legacy on a strong note that Jones, and all who honor him, can hold in high esteem.

Ms. Boyd’s statement, which was issued shortly after the event on Broadway closed, claimed that The Shubert Organization, a historic firm for theatrics, rebranded its Cort Theatre as the James Earl Jones Theatre. The building is located art 138 West 48th Street in New York City, New York.

This ceremonial and commemorative event featured distinguished patrons, featuring exciting live shows by Brian Stokes Mitchell and Norm Lewis, as well as statements from The Shubert Organization President Robert Wankel. NYC Mayor Eric Adams presented the initial look unveiling of the renovated illumination.

“The dedication ceremony follows a $47 million restoration and expansion of the building,” Boyd said in her statement.

This theatre has endured unprecedented renovations to the inside, restoration of the front of the New York City landmark, and the addition of a contemporary extension to complement the original theatre. The new venue, built by Kostow Greenwood Architects, is totally adaptable and includes lounges and modern facilities for theatre fans, in addition to rehearsal areas and offices for theatre employees.

The dressing room tower has also been moved to the annex, enabling the stage-left wing to be expanded and the rigging system to be upgraded. These improvements have improved the efficiency of the theater, allowing for the staging of more contemporary, technically difficult works with bigger casts.

Click here for video of the officially renovated theater and Mr. Jones’s interview tour.



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