Father/Son Duo Release Series of Black History Books via Family-Owned Publishing Company

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Photo credits: Double Infinity Publishing

A father-and-son pair in Atlanta, Georgia are working together to create books highlighting the lives of African Americans.

Michael and Matthew Carson began their journey two years ago when Matthew’s second grade class project sparked his interest.

“In teaching him, I was teaching myself things I didn’t even know,” Michael Carson told WSB-TV 2. This also a part of their family business.

“Michael and his wife Shenika co-founded Double Infinity Publishing,” reads a description on the Carson’s Amazon sales page.

“Their goal is to publish high-quality literature that represents historical facts, as well as provide a voice and platform for educating readers,” the message also reads.

Michael says he also saw the book projects as a way to educate others. Last year, when the coronavirus pandemic was at its strongest, he decided to collaborate with his son.

“What we did was we bounced ideas off one another,” Michael told WSB-TV.

The Carson’s decided to create their first book about African Americans who strongly influenced music. (Meara, 2021).

Three books later, Michael and Matthew hit the road to promote their work. They ended up meeting then-California Senator Kamala Harris, who happened to be featured in one of their books, at a book signing of hers.

“My son ran up to her. He knew exactly who she was,” Michael said.

Harris told Matthew she was excited to read the book she was featured in. More books are in the Carson’s future.

“I think I want to be like my dad. A writer,” the son Matthew said.

To purchase Matthew and Michael Carson’s books, click here. (Meara, 2021).

Reference: Meara, P. (2021, February 09) Father-And-Son Create Books Highlighting Black History. Retrieved from https://www.bet.com/news/national/2021/02/09/father-son-books-highlighting-black-lives.html

*BlackThen.com writer/historian Victor Trammell edited and contributed to this report.

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