Teaser for Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee: The Story Of Their Life, Love, Art And Activism [VIDEO]

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Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee, a documentary-style film about love, art, and activism, tells the story of one of the most enduring couples of our times, Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee.

Ossie & Ruby’s achievements in love (sustained marriage for 57 years), art (pioneers in black theater), and activism (always using their influence to help “the people”) parallel nearly a century of change in America. With this story being told through the lens of their filmmaker grandson, an innate hunger to learn everything possible about Ossie & Ruby’s lives, and the ways in which their legacy can be applied to today’s fight to preserve love, art, and activism, is always present.

Based on candid questions, revealing conversations, and never-before-seen family archival material, Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee shares the wisdom of the ages and portrays the legacy of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee for the first time in feature documentary form.

Source: http://rubydee.lifesessentialsdocs.com/

Ossie & Ruby’s Website: http://www.ossieandruby.com
IMDB: Ossie DavisRuby Dee
Wikipedia: Ossie DavisRuby Dee

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