Today In Black History On January 22nd

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  1. Toussaint L’Ouverture battles French (January 22, 1801) in what was a very intense battle by the Haitian liberator. This wasn’t a normal battle by any means, and Toussaint was no ordinary man. Toussaint was a self-educated slave with no military experience going up against Napoleon, one of the greatest generals of all time. Leading a slave revolt in this time period always proved fatal, but in this particular story, the slaves proved they could hold their own if they had a capable leader.
  2. Barney L. Ford was born (January 22, 1822), a successful businessman that dabbled in several different industries of his time. As a former slave, he had an uphill climb due to the color of his skin. Several race-related incidents and just plain bad luck destroyed his businesses. Setback after setback cost him several fortunes over the course of his life.
  3. The Lodge Bill was abandoned (January 22, 1891) due to the Southern filibuster. It was a bad ending to a bill that would have made sure elections were fair. With several laws put and loopholes put in place to prevent Blacks from voting, this was a small setback that would get rectified at a later date.
  4. William Warfield was born (January 22, 1920), who enjoyed a career of over 54 years as an actor, pianist and singer. He is well known for his involvement in the Broadway opera “Regina,” and the television production, “The Green Pastures.”
  5. Sam Cook was born (January 22, 1931), the son of a minister with the voice and talent of an angel. He went on to become the father of soul, and has been involved in a lot of pop culture references over the years. He performed popular hits of his time like “A Change is Gonna Come” and “Cupid.” His most notable song is “Stand By Me,” an inspirational song that has stood the test of time even after his passing.

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