Black Cinema – Sweet Redemption: The Keisha Kandi Apples Story

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By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Toyota/T.R.U.T.H Apparel

Guided Steps: A Blind Walk by Faith

Entrepreneurship causes cheers in good times and anguish in bad ones. In any case, it is not for the weak.

Financially, it has a cyclical livelihood. Entrepreneurship is unpredictable in nature. The Bible’s book of 2 Corinthians sums it up. A passage is in verse seven of the book’s fifth chapter reads:

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

Here’s a big understatement: Entrepreneurship requires faith. Asics are usually worn for race track walks. One trip around the track is only a 400-meter walk.

How then, can a walk by faith be measured?

Tracking meters, minutes, and seconds is meaningless. In some cases, tracking days, weeks, and months is too. Faith is not recognized by the empirical forces of science.

However, a single black mother in America’s heartland defied those forces.

The Apple of Good Fortune’s Blind Eye

Successful entrepreneurs use planning. However, doing so guarantees nothing. Shell-shocked, old-time religion says:

“God laughs every time somebody makes plans.”

Religious references used here are anecdotal. Does God really laugh at plans? If so, entrepreneur Keisha Kay (pictured) was no joke. Kay is the owner of Keisha Kandi Apples LLC. Her business is based in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kay’s gourmet dessert eatery is inside a brand new building. But in her film debut, an unplanned miracle unfolds. Film director Roger M. Suggs has cinematic proof. He shined a light on Kay’s amazing journey.

Suggs is the tireless visionary behind Beautiful, Black, Bold, a five-part “mini-mentary” series.

Foundation of a Kandi-Coated Blueprint

This starts Season 2 of what began last year. Suggs still works with his co-producers at GTN Films. Presented by Toyota North America, Sweet Redemption: The Keisha Kandi Apples Story is going places.

The film’s leading lady explains faith personified. Nonetheless, Kay’s voice still conveys her surreal sentiment.

“Keisha Kandi Apples actually started on a day when I was working for a different company at the time,” Kay told Mr. Suggs.

“It was back in 2015. Kids [at a work-related event] were coming over and we were just thinking about different things for them to do. Something fun to do with them…at the time I was into baking. Cupcakes and different things,” she continued.

Success Tastes Sweeter Overnight

Eventually, Kay’s culinary pastime turned into a cash cow. Her signature items were colorful candied apples. But demand exploded right at the beginning. People requested more items on Kay’s roster.

But she still had trouble supplying. Her next idea was a creative cheesecake snack. It came in uniform jars. Kay sold assorted flavors of the product at different storefronts.

However, it was at Wilson’s Pizza & Grill in Kansas City, Kansas where things started taking shape.

The Gary Wilson Factor

Gary Wilson owns the aforementioned business. He was profiled in Episode 1 of the previous Suggs-directed season. Wilson’s film was titled Surviving Quindaro: The Gary Wilson Story. Kay teamed up with him to sell her signature cheesecake jars.

They used warm and endearing live videos to promote. On social media, the clips were big hits.

“People are drawn in just like TV commercials. But the live videos can get a lot of views because they stick with you,” Kay said.

Wilson’s aura uplifted Kay in a visibly soulful way. His loyal stewardship as a fatherly mentor paid off. Wilson’s years of experience kept Kay’s grind consistent.

Her official ribbon-cutting event (which celebrated the launch of “Keisha Kandi Apples”) was a beautiful sight to behold.


Kay’s story in her Suggs-directed debut is evidence that faith is real. Harrowing odds, racism, and familial struggles did not stop her. She offered no excuses for giving up. Times were never hard enough to kill her own dream.

“Even though I have my own pity parties and my moments, I’ve got to dust myself off and keep going,” Kay said in her inspirational closing.

You can support Kay’s journey today. Rent her groundbreaking debut at

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