Black to the Future: Beatrice Dixon and the Honey Pot Co.

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Photo credits: Ashley Kickliter

2020 was a turbulent year. It was a year of immense development and erudition for people and corporations.

This is definitely the case with Beatrice Dixon and The Honey Pot Co. Dixon’s company manufactures botanical femme-based items. They can be bought online and in person at retail stores, including Target. Dixon said the year 2020 “All in all, it was beautiful.”

In an exclusive interview with Worth Magazine, Dixon talked about how she keeps herself happy and optimistic when troublesome outcomes align in her environment. She also spoke with the publication about how her company used its influence during an intrepid time in history to make a difference in people’s lives and in the economy.

Below are a few of the interview questions and answers Dixon was asked and responded to while speaking exclusively to Worth Magazine.

Q: To start, I’m curious what 2020 was like for you and your company? 

A: 2020 was…it was really good actually. It required a lot of stretching, a lot of molding, a lot of learning. It had uncomfortable moments to it. It had really stressful moments to it. It had really happy moments. But all in all, it was good. All in all, it was beautiful. You know, the world obviously was on fire. But if I had to say, if you’re asking me personally, what 2020 was like, it was probably the best year of my life, really.

And why was that? 

First off, because I made it. I’m still here…Personally, why was it the best year of my life? Because I really got to sit with myself. I really got to a place mentally where I just really got happy.

The world kind of shut down, right, and even though COVID is terrible, especially at those times, it was even more terrible because we didn’t quite understand it. I tried to remove myself from what was happening in the media and from what was happening everywhere. I traveled. I [had] a lot of quiet time. I shut some things down, cleaned some things up, I was able to really take care of a lot of personal stuff that was really bogging me down. And so, 2020 was like the year of release for me.

To read the rest of Dixon’s interview with Worth Magazine, click here.

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