Cabral Franklin, Atlanta Politico and Son of the Former Mayor- Shirley Franklin, Died at 41 After a Battle With Cancer



Cabral Franklin, a key Atlanta political strategist and son of former Mayor Shirley Franklin, died Tuesday, 15th September, 2015 after a long battle with cancer. Friends and associates describe Franklin as one of the state Democratic Party’s most important behind-the-scenes players, an influential political operative whose work on local, state and even national campaigns stood on its own merits.

The managing partner of Franklin Communications won national awards for his radio advertisements for President Barack Obama’s re-election. He also worked on campaigns for former Gov. Roy Barnes, his mother and several other local elected officials, and played a significant role in the 2012 T-SPLOST transportation referendum campaign outside of Atlanta. The referendum passed in three of the regions under his purview.

“He didn’t rely on his mother’s prominence,” said Chris Carpenter, his longtime business partner. “Obviously, being Shirley Franklin’s son had a cachet, but he carried his own weight by leaps and bounds. That was never an issue,” Carpenter said. “He just understood people and politics better than any person I’ve ever known.”

News of his illness spread quietly in Georgia political circles the year before his death, after he received the diagnosis of advanced lung cancer, though he was not a smoker. Still, many were stunned to learn of his sudden death. He was 41 years old. Franklin was the husband of political fundraiser Candice Franklin, with whom he has two daughters.

Shirley Franklin said in a brief statement that her son was surrounded by family at the time of his death. Cabral Franklin, the former mayor’s second child, has two sisters. “He was deeply loved,” she said, thanking the public for their thoughts and prayers. Former Barnes Chief of Staff Bobby Kahn said Franklin gleaned his sharp instincts from his mother and his late father, David Franklin, a longtime Atlanta politico who served under Mayor Maynard Jackson. Cabral Franklin, Jackson’s godson, grew up around surrounded by Atlanta’s political machine.

“When he would talk, I could hear his father and his mother,” Kahn said. “He could see the big picture, and he did not get distracted by stuff that didn’t matter.” Kahn continued to say that Cabral Franklin was poised to play a critical role in what he described as the Democratic Party’s attempt at gaining ground with voters after years of Republican control. He was a numbers guy who many turned to for get-out-the-vote efforts. Franklin enjoyed the machinations of campaigning but preferred to stay out of the spotlight, friends said. Democratic Party of Georgia Executive Director Rebecca DeHart said Franklin was “brilliant, kind and calm; even in the most trying of times.” He had been reserved about his struggles throughout his illness and had recently begun a new course of treatment when he experienced a significant setback, friends said.

Councilman Andre Dickens, whose long-shot campaign was managed by Cabral Franklin in 2013 against H. Lamar Willis, said Franklin had been his biggest supporter since he first spoke of running for office while both were still in high school. “He believed in me, more than anybody else,” Dickens continued. “I’ve talked to Cabral every day since February 2013; I’m surely gonna miss him, miss him dearly.”

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