Ellen Walker Craig-Jones: First Black Woman Elected Mayor of a Municipality in the United States

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ellenEllen Walker Craig-Jones was an African American political figure and civic leader in twentieth century central Ohio. She was also the first African American woman to be elected mayor of a municipality in the United States by popular vote.

Craig-Jones was born on June 5, 1906, in Franklin County, Ohio. She dedicated her life to improving conditions in her hometown of Urbancrest. Craig was a life long resident of Urbancrest, OH. She was mayor from 1972-1975.

Craig-Jones founded or was a member of the Urbancrest Volunteer Civic Improvement Association, the Buckeye Boys Ranch, and the Urbancrest Chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America.

She and her husband were well known for helping people out in their community. They had a special drawer in their home called, “God’s Drawer.” The drawer was located in her china cabinet, she and her husband kept money in the drawer for the needy. Each pay period they put money into the drawer and when families in the community had a need, the drawer was opened to help. Ellen Craig-Jones died in 2000.





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