July 13, 1863: Beginning of the New York Draft Riots

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According to the history of America, Blacks have always been the target of slavery and racial discrimination. They have always seen bound facilities and have worked hard to gain independence of their bodies and souls from the ugly disgrace of slavery. On the early morning of July 13, 1863, a chaos spread everywhere when the New York Draft riots suddenly began. There was utter disturbance happening at the lower part of Manhattan, as the white working class of New York was protesting against the draft passed by the Congress to send men to fight in the unending Civil War. A group from the same protest deliberately broke from the government protesters and started to attack the African-Americans for the sake of pleasure and to overcome the fear that made them feel they were a threat to their employment opportunities.

In January 1863, when the Emancipation Proclamation was passed, the Irish New Yorkers who once faced slavery felt that they will face all kinds of labor competition with the Black Americans who would someday travel to North from the South.

The main scenario to pass the draft was to pay $300 at that time, which many of the poor New Yorkers failed to do, and many of them were Irish in ethnicity. These people could not afford such a big amount, but luckily Blacks were exempted from the Congress draft just because they were not considered a citizen of America. All the blame was imposed on the African-American community just because they were free from the draft and was intentionally targeted by the White and Irish community of America.

On the very day of the riot, the participants of the protest attacked different government buildings at the foremost. But sadly, then came the Black businesses that were ruthlessly destroyed by the protesters. This big chaos led the protestors to burn the Black orphanage, along with many Black men burnt and hung to the trees. There were eleven Black men who were lynched to death over the period of five days during the attack and the New York riots forced hundreds of Black to leave the city as soon as possible, leaving behind their homes, valuables and many unforgettable memories.

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  • Ledo Maine August 4, 2019 - 12:10 pm

    It pays all Americans to know ALL American history… Sadly most of today’s racists and hate-mongers do not know from whence their racism and hate began…

  • Benjamin Cargile August 4, 2019 - 3:16 pm

    Whoever writes for your history exposes’ does not have a good command of English ideological literacy. It is awkward and poor syntax to compose phrases like: “There was utter disturbance happening…” That is gobbledeegook. You simply should have said: “The peace of the city was disturbed.” Or if you must use heavy emphasis you could have written: “The lower districts of the city were severely disturbed when rioting…..” Another case of awkward writing is the phrase: “the participants of the protest attacked different government buildings at the foremost.” You simply should have stated: “The protesting rioters mainly attacked government buildings at first.” There are several more egregious word usage mistakes involving verbs and adjectives that provide the wrong meaning or context in your history brief about the New York City Draft Riots. What you really need is a good editor who has a combination literary, history and education background. You can call me. I have found many of your Blackthen history briefs fascinating and informative, and I would like to help you. My services will be cheap.