LeBron James, the NBA’s Newest Billionaire, Shares a Sacred Childhood Finance Rule

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By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Phil Long/The Associated Press

According to Forbes Magazine, NBA megastar LeBron James (pictured) is a newly-minted billionaire. At the age of only 37, James has made black sports history.

He is the first NBA player ever to acquire a net worth of a billion dollars – before becoming a pro-basketball retiree. Basketball legend Michael Jordan was actually the first NBA star to go from player to billionaire. However, Jordan financially crossed the 10-figure finish line after he walked away from the game for good.

James plays the position of small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is the highest-paid player in the NBA. James netted $121 million both on and off the court in 2021. However, unlike Jordan, James reached his coveted status without publicly shying away from criticizing his nation’s deeds of social injustice against black people.

Though Jordan was most known for his political correctness and superior on-the-court greatness, James continues to re-design the black NBA star’s blueprint when it comes to visible humanitarianism for his people – while Jordan has always taken a credible but more clandestine approach to charity as it pertains to healing black America.

On the contrary, James took the lead off the court during vocal discussions about voter suppression in black neighborhoods, as well as the wanton levels of police brutality that is killing black men, women, and children in today’s era.  He has also discussed the important concept of learning financial literacy in childhood.

Learning more about how money systems are working (instead of learning how working for money is) should be especially vital for black American children – due to the high risk of poverty many of them face in the U.S.

During commentary he delivered during a recent podcast episode, James shared the first rule about money, which he learned as a young child from his older male family members: Save a bigger portion of your earnings than you spend.

“My uncles always taught me — they taught me how to have a savings account. They’d give me a dollar and they’d be like, ‘Listen, nephew, go spend 35 cents of it and keep the other 65.’ Or, if they gave me two dollars, they’d be like, ‘Go ahead and spend a dollar of it but stash the other dollar,'” the Akron, Ohio native said during the UNINTERRUPTED podcast.

In addition to positively exemplifying the aforementioned societal hallmarks, James and his wife Savannah (the four-time NBA champion’s former high school sweetheart) are publicly putting on a clinic – when it comes to thriving at what America’s far-left radical faction of liberals is driving into obsolescence: The traditional black family.

Each pillar of James’s shining example of black wealth building is indifferent to assimilating modern popularity, which comes and goes. The members of his business management team are not fly-by-nighters. They are young men who grew up in the same neighborhood James did. They have not gone anywhere and vice-versa.

Values and the fulfillment of lifestyle roles, which many black and white members of the far-left call old-fashioned and outdated, worked well for a scandal-free celebrity black man who they call “The King.”

Life after basketball is looking great for his Queen, the James children, and the Court surrounding them.




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