R.I.P Markeis McGlockton: Another Racially Charged ‘Stand Your Ground’ Case in FL

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Michael Drejka (a white man) said to the cops that he just pulled the trigger once the gentleman thrust him towards the floor and dashed into him. This was once he fired the bullet at an unguarded male out of the gas station in Florida.  

The camera footage on the other hand negates Drejka’s claim. It displays a young gentleman, Markeis McGlockton (an unarmed black man) moving away instantly as soon as the deadly incident has begun. The event took place in setting officers confronted Drejka.  

“What happens if I told you that I looked at the video and at no time and point does he come running up toward you. He actually takes a step back,” Deputy Det. Richard Redman stated in the conference two years ago during the incident.

“I would disagree,” Drejka replied.

Footage of the sheriff meeting with Drejka’s another ordainment of the occurring event was recorded and brought into the courtroom on Thursday. This was one of Drejka’s crime cases for murdering McGlockton on July 19, 2019, in Clearwater, Florida. Drejka’s lawyer claimed the murder was to safeguard himself once Drejka was menaced and rammed on the floor.

The event of the trial was paused in the last forty-eight hours of the testament and the vindication claimed its primary eyewitness.

The lethal shooting occurred since Drejka called out McGlockton’s significant partner, Britany Jacobs, and started to scream at her. Jacobs was at the parking lot with her two kids in a disability nearby location outdoor of Circle A convenience store. McGlockton went through the inner place of the building and vigorously pushed Drejka leading him to collapse on the floor when the altercation intensified.

Drejka took his weapon out and shot McGlockton. The camera footage displays McGlockton keeping his distance during the shooting. Lawyer Bryant Camareno alleged that Drejka’s statement towards the deputy was purely his optimum anamnesis upon the occurrence and indicated his insight back then in a clear assertion.

“He wasn’t lying, he was remembering the best that he could from the impact that he sustained,” Camareno stated.

Six years after the nationally renowned Trayvon Martin case in Sanford, Florida, the Markeis McGlockton case also shed light on the racially incendiary “Stand Your Ground” law in the Sunshine State.


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