The Managing Director who won the Prime Odie Accolade: George Costello Wolfe


Photo credits: Chris Pizzello/AP

Frankfort, Kentucky was the birthplace of George Costello Wolfe (1954).

Wolfe is well-known for scriptwriting and creative managing-director. He went to Rosenwald Laboratory School. This is an institution that allowed him to observe his fascination with production and management. Wolfe participated in a summertime theatre studio at Miami University in Oxford located in Oxford, Ohio. He started managing theoretical performances.

In 1976, Wolfe received his bachelor’s degree in theatre at Pomona College. He jotted down and managed his first act, “Up for Grabs,” in 1975. The subsequent year, he has premiered the “Block Party.” Wolfe finished a half-year graduate on performing arts in Pomona College before encountering C. Bernard Jackson.

Jackson was an individual who helped donate the prime manufacture on Wolfe’s Tribal Rites at the Inner-City Cultural Center located in Los Angeles. Wolfe produced various acting scenes before relocating to New York in 1979. In 1983, Wolfe received his degree in M. F. A. at New York University School of the Arts. His prime production in theoretical performance was “Paradise!” This was released in 1985. 

In 1986, “The Colored Museum,” play aired. This amassed the recognition of Joseph Papp—founder of the New York Shakespeare Festival.

In 1990, Papp called Wolfe an occupant manager following the first production on Spunk (1989). Wolfe succeeded in his prime Obie accolade on Spunk’s New York manufacture at a similar twelve-month period. He and Jelly’s Last Jam constructed the show biz intro together in the Virginia Theatre in 1992.

Wolfe accomplished extensive acknowledgment while he managed the film industry primary distribution on Tony Kushner’s Angels over at the US in 1993. He was called New York Shakespeare Festival distributor in that annum period. He continued distributing ten series. In addition, Wolfe conducted the 1977 Amistad nation prime manufacture at the Lyric Opera in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2016, Wolfe produced “Shuffle Along, or The Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921” and “All That Followed” at the Music Box Theatre in New York City. 

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