Today In Black History On January 6th

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  1. After gaining their freedom, 86 African Americans (January 6, 1820) boarded the Mayflower and left New York Harbor for Sierra Leone, a place that established itself as free for all slaves and people of color.
  2. The World Anti-Slavery Convention opens (January 6, 1831) in London for the first time, marking another notch in the country’s belt of moving past slavery.
  3. The New England Anti-Slavery Society (January 6, 1832) organized on Boston’s Beacon Hill. By using the African Baptist Church as a starting point, it was a good place to stake their claim.
  4. John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie, known as one of the most talented musicians in Jazz history, died on this day (January 6, 1993). Although he is most known for his superb trumpet-playing abilities , but usually had his hand on all sides of making music.

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