Camp George Jordan: Black Army Camp in Seattle, WA (1942)

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Camp George Jordan in Seattle, WA opened in August 1942 on the south side of S. Spokane Street at 1st Avenue S in Seattle. The camp was dedicated in 1943 to black Medal of Honor recipient George Jordan. Jordan served in the 9th United States Cavalry when he displayed actions of exceptional valor in 1881.

Camp George Jordan was known as a Black army camp because it was segregated and set up so that blacks were housed on one side of the street which was referred to as “Camp Jordan proper,” and the white personnel on the other side. The camp was formed by the U.S. Army’s Port of Embarkation Administration in July 1942. The site was used to house and train troops as they traveled from Fort Lawton and Fort Lewis to the ships for overseas duty at Seattle’s Port of Embarkation.

The black soldiers probably worked the hardest, yet received the least amount of glory. They loaded ships, emptied and filled warehouses, and drove trucks and buses. Camp Jordan remained an active facility throughout World War II until it was declared surplus in March 1947.



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