Creator of Convenience: William Purvis, Revolutionized Business With The Invention Of The Fountain Pen

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On January 7, 1890, William Purvis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, received a patent for the fountain pen. The pen eliminated the need for an ink bottle by storing ink within a reservoir within the pen which is then fed to the pen’s tip. The creation of the fountain pen has made office work cleaner and less expensive for businesses all over the world.

“The object of my invention is to provide a simple, durable, and inexpensive construction of a fountain pen adapted to general use and which may be carried in the pocket.”–William Purvis
Also, Purvis successfully patented several other inventions including a bag machines, a bag fastener, a hand stamp, an electric railway device, an electric railway switch and a magnetic car balancing device.  It is believed that he invented, but not patented, items such as the edge cutter found on aluminum foil, cling wrap and wax paper boxes.




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