The Dossier: Dr. Guy Fisher

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Born 1947 in the South Bronx, Guy Fisher as a member of The Council, a Harlem-based crime governing body. In his youth, he hustled to make money for his family but kept it legal. At 25, a girlfriend would put him in contact with Nicky Barnes. He was brought into the Council in 1973, a year after its formation. By the late 1970s, he had made it through the ranks and was operating his own group within the organization.

Guy Fisher would become close to Barnes and go into business with him. After a prison stretch in 1974, he would put all his effort into the Council. Harlem’s drug trade proved so lucrative for him that he would buy and fix up the Apollo Theater in 1977 and purchase housing complexes.

End of the Council and Arrest
Fisher would avoid the federal investigation of the Council in 1977 since he was already behind bars at the time and most evidence was gathered during this period. In 1978 Nicky Barnes was sentenced to life without parole under the RICO act. Almost a year after being convicted, he became an informant and gave up information about the Council and its operations.

Barnes specifically included Fisher’s role and dealings in his information in part because Fisher was having an affair with his mistress. After Fisher and others were behind bars in 1983, Barnes would go free and become a part of Witness Protection. Using his time behind bars, Guy Fisher got his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in sociology. He would gain his Ph.D. in 2008. To date, Fisher has written books and continues to serve as a mentor to other prisoners.


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