February 21: Otis Boykin Patented Electrical Resistor on This Date in 1961

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By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: YouTube screenshot

The Electrical Resistor was invented by Otis Boykin (pictured), a Black American inventor (U.S. 2,972,726).

Boykin invented the electrical component that is used in all guided missiles and IBM computers, as well as 26 other electronic devices, including a control unit for an artificial heart stimulator (pacemaker). The resistor was patented on February 21, 1961.

He began his work as a laboratory assistant testing aircraft automatic controls. One of Boykin’s early accomplishments was the development of a type of resistor that is now used in computers, radios, television sets, and other electronic equipment.

Other innovations of his include a variable resistor used in guided missiles and small component thick-film resistors for computers. This resistor’s design advancements lowered the cost of developing electronic controllers for radio and television, for both military and commercial uses.

Otis Boykin also invented a special cash register, which was burglar-deterrent, and a chemical air filter.

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