George Foreman, Heavyweight Boxing Legend: Would He Have Gone As Far in MMA?

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George Foreman has mentioned that he probably would have gone far in MMA. As a heavyweight boxing prodigy, George Foreman’s name will come up on everyone’s list. The current generation probably knows him more for his multi-million dollar grill enterprise than his boxing prowess. He has maintained a level of notability that most athletes would be jealous of, in addition to being an all-around good guy. There are no controversies or hidden skeletons in his closet, which is one of the many reasons why he is beloved worldwide. With a large family of 12 children, his legacy will continue to shine for generations.

Foreman, who always known for his power in the ring, came in at a young age as a straight up bruiser. At 6’4″, he was all muscle and could knock out anyone that he connected with. Like all great fighters of that generation, his legend was tied in with the other heavyweights. When it was Foreman’s turn to be champion, he dominated and became the new big thing. This was back when boxing and its promotion was at its best, with Don King in his prime years and the best promoter the earth had ever seen.

George Foreman’s most memorable fight is, of course, the Rumble in the Jungle with Muhammad Ali. The then-25-year-old Foreman was going against an older and craftier Ali. With the lessons learned during that loss, Foreman eventually came back after a long leave from the sport and won the championship again at the age of 45, after he had already made a name for himself outside of boxing as an entrepreneur. Foreman credits the loss to Ali with helping him to understand fear and become a better boxer.

Outside of the ring, he is a multimillionaire who has made a great living selling George Foreman grills. A minister, businessman, and legendary boxer rolled in one is something you don’t see every day. As a motivational speaker, he has the ability to speak from the heart, since he didn’t come from the perfect situation.

He is the ultimate success story. It is not often you see an athlete of his caliber, who has nothing to hide, and is genuinely a good guy inside and outside of the sport.



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