Hill Abduction: Were Barney and Betty Hill Really Kidnapped by Extraterrestrials?

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Barney and Betty Hill alleged that on September 19, 1961, while traveling in New Hampshire, they were abducted by extraterrestrials. The incident, which became known as the “Hill Abduction” or the “Zeta Reticuli Incident,” was was widely publicized.

Barney was born in Newport News, Virginia, as the youngest of four children. He graduated from high school and later attended Temple University. He married Ruby Horn and they had two children. The two later divorced and he married a white woman, Betty Hill.

Hill and his wife Betty took a vacation to Niagara Falls on the night of September 19, 1961. There was barely any traffic on the road, and the couple remembered seeing a strange light in the sky. As the car moved, the light moved with it. Barney figured that what they were seeing in the sky was just an airplane, and Betty described the object as being in the shape of a disc. It was not long before the object, which appeared to move in the opposite direction, changed course and began to follow the path of Hill’s car again.

The Hills decided to stop the car in order to get a better look at the object. It was told that the object got down so low that Barney was able to see the faces of several beings looking back at him through lighted windows. After hearing several bleeping noises, the Hills lost consciousness. The next morning when the Hills regained consciousness, there were blotches on the body of the car. Barney had soreness in the back of his head, and strange marks on his shoes.

The experience was traumatizing for the couple. Betty began having nightmares and Barney was very stressed. The two sought the help of a psychiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Simon, who specialized in hypnotic therapy. Dr. Simon uncovered a terrifying story.

After months of working with the Hills, Simon was able to determine that a group of strange looking men with pear-shaped heads and large wrap-around eyes allegedly used force to carry the Hills into the light. The two reportedly underwent various tests by the extraterrestrials. The aliens took hair and skin samples. Betty was able to remember a “star map” which she was able to duplicate. Later, in 1974, a schoolteacher was able to find the exact match of the map, Zeta Reticula system.

Barney Hill died in 1969 from a cerebral hemorrhage, and Betty Hill died in 2004 after a battle with cancer.



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